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Your idea in the hands of IT heroes



Since 2005 JIT develops under the motto just-in-time software that is tailored to your needs from our IT heroes. To our mindset belong direct ways of communication, flexible operating and a clear price transparency.

Your BPM expert located in Vienna 

Our IT heroes offer business process management solutions (BPM)



that enable your company to optimize and automate your business processes based on the state of the art. The focus is always on the use of our team's innovation ability to provide high quality products, solutions and services. 



Our service at a fixed price

Thanks to our longtime experience as a software service provider, we are able to offer a transparent cost breakdown. Thereby, we facilitate the planning process for our customers.

Transparent prices through our fixed price offer




According to your individual task we develop solutions and implement them efficiently. Especially in the sectors of business process management (BPM) as well as enterprise applications, we were able to establish ourselves and realised successfully a large number of projects. Our expertise ranges from the reimplementation oft software to modification, maintenance and removal of existing software.

How do we realise this price transparency?

Our established know-how enables us an exact cost breakdown already in the offer.

Thus, we create an adequate basis on which our customers can make reasonable investment decisions and therefore we simplify the planning effort significantly.

If the situation requires, we can provide you with additional resources and complete the project on-schedule.

We love fairness – you can trust us!

For us, it is clear that the customer is able to service the software independently afer the implementation.

Partnership is not based on dependence but on a sympiosis of common benefit.